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ALBA believes that the best way for you to select and purchase an ALBA watch is at one of our authorised retail stores. Only in these stores you can be sure to find the best advice, the latest ALBA collection, and be sure that your new watch bracelet will be sized and fitted correctly, free of charge.

If you prefer to purchase your ALBA watch through the Internet, please look for a website authorized by ALBA. Some non-authorized sites sell counterfeit or second-hand watches, or watches that have been tampered with, and are, therefore, not eligible for care under the ALBA warranty. Others do not offer the original ALBA warranty, nor do they offer any after-sales service of any kind.

ALBA takes great care to ensure that our ALBA authorized dealers offer you the very best products and service. Please take advantage of the peace-of-mind that only they can offer to ALBA purchasers.

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